Where do you begin when seeking the perfect organization that matches your skillset, passions, and availability? Upon initial research, the possibilities can be daunting, however, SEPI has professionals you can work with, acquire skills from and network with and offer some quick access options to get you plugged in so you can start making a difference in your community sooner rather than later.

Some Volunteers have decided to operate a franchise to carry out our values and our professional responsibilities for the community. We ensure we keep proper tracking on these volunteers and high integrity is fully maintained.

To volunteer, please contact us or send us an email as soon as possible and let us know your area of interest.

We will dedicate someone who will guide you through:

  • Enter or send us your contact information
  • We will send you form to complete depending on your area of interest not excluding franchise
  • We will update your volunteer profile
  • Agree and sign our policies
  • We will conduct a background check after authorization from you
  • We will send you a certificate to operate on our behalf or as a volunteer