Home, House & Land Donations

House1We accept that house you are no longer needing as donations. You home donation through our nonprofit is a fantastic way to give back to your favorite causes locally and still save big on this year’s taxes. It also is a great way to walk away from a failing home or a home that is near foreclosure. Or, if you have a home or several investment properties that have become profitable this year, and you need to erase the capital gains that are coming due, you can donate and save big with our team of experts.


We do accept any condition of the house and we value the house and send you the appropriate tax claim. The house you donate is going to be used for housing less privilege, the unemployed, the returning veterans who are displaced, ex-convicts without a major felony and partly the homeless. If in any way this is not happening, we can sell the house to support the financial need of the mentioned. We work with other nonprofits to achieve our objectives.

Learn more about home donation, house donation, apartment donations and even vacant land donation today by giving our expert team members a call at 4702577167 or by sending us email info@societyempowerment.org. We are here seven days a week for you!

We have volunteers in all the states and we are available to accept your donations at any time.

The volunteer team at Society Empowerment Projects Inc. is made up of caring individuals who want to help you give back to your House2community. We want to help you eliminate taxes and fees like liability insurance and homeowner’s dues while still helping you give thousands to charity at the same time; all without any out-of-pocket expense from you in transfer fees. Donate 100% free now or learn more about giving today by contacting our team.

Home donation through our nonprofit and caring volunteer team members allows you to walk away from a house, vacant land or other type of property that may be near foreclosure. You can eliminate property taxes and homeowners dues; and donation never costs a dime out of pocket in transfer fees.

You can give back thousands to your favorite charitable causes at the same time you erase all encumbrances and taxes; all you have to do is donate!

For investments that have gained significantly this year, call our team to find out just how easy it is to eliminate capital gains completely. And keep in mind that with donation there are zero brokers fees. We take care of the entire transfer start to finish.

Remember, we accept all types of home donations including vacant land donations and homes near foreclosure. And you can donate from any state.