Tractors, Cars & Truck Donations

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SEPI accepts donation of Tractors, Cars, Trucks and any heavy mobile equipment that can help in support of our services. Your donation will help us to provide job training, mobility for the less privileged, veterans, single mothers and employment services to youth and adults with all types of genuine challenges and other barriers to employment. We can be able to help 2,000 people a year because of the generous donations we will receive from you.

We do ask that any vehicle you donate has a CLEAR title. We cannot accept vehicles with a lien on them and during this donation we will ask basic information about the vehicle as well as the vehicle identification number (VIN), title number, vehicle location.Car3

We do care about the condition of the vehicle but must at least have a value. If the vehicle is in good condition…excellent! A donation of this type and condition will enhance the financial support to our programs. Your vehicle will then be either sold at a local auction or transferred to a scrap service for recycling. But we do ask that the vehicle is in one piece. We also ask that the vehicle be newer than 1985, or it be registered as an antique.

Is the donation tax deductible?

YES! Your donation is tax deductible. After your vehicle is donated, you will receive a taxform from us in the mail (1098c form) that will tell you exactly what you can claim on your taxes.

I have decided to donate! Now what?

Once you are ready to donate to us, you can call 1-470-2577167 or email us at to get started. Once we have that information, we will take care of the rest! Our tow truck drivers will pick up the vehicle and you will be all set. You can also complete our contact form for any clarification.

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